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Fintech Beat explores the ABC's of fintech investing
Fintech Beat, Ep. 19

The Comptroller of the Currency
Fintech Beat, Episode 17

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IMF embraces new central bank digital currencies
Fintech Beat, Episode 15

With China’s announcement that its central bank is close to launching a digital version of its currency, Fintech Beat sits down with IMF officials for a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes into a country’s strategy. We will also reveal which country was first. It may not be who you think. ...
Digging further into Libra's origin story
Fintech Beat podcast, Ep. 13

How the Bank of England is keeping pace with the surge in fintech
Fintech Beat podcast, Episode 12

Traditional financial institutions have been scrambling to keep up with the pace of financial innovation in recent years and the Bank of England is no exception. In this episode, Fintech Beat jumps across the pond to check out the link between Brexit and
Facebook’s cryptocurrency hearing, explained
Fintech Beat podcast, Episode 11

No issue has generated more concern about Facebook’s Libra than the potential for it to be abused as a tool to finance terrorism or launder money.

In this episode, Fintech Beat talks with data and analytics firm Chainalysis about international regulatory efforts, so-called clustering and blockchain forensics.

Fintech industry leaders tackle the great decentralization debate
Fintech Beat podcast, Episode 10

A core challenge when it comes to fintech is the so-called blurred lines — when the definition of a word invokes different answers. The biggest blurring of all happens with the concept of decentralization — what it means, what it looks like, and why regulators care.

Could the cryptocurrency winter be over?
Fintech Beat podcast, Episode 8

Bitcoin had a wild week with its value hitting over $11,000. This begs the question: Is the crypto winter finally thawing out?

Host Chris Brummer sits down to explore with Sunayna Tuteja, head of strategic partnerships and emerging technologies at TD Ameritrade and Matthew Trudeau, chief strategy officer at ErisX, to discuss what a crypto spring means.

The financial technology trade wars
Fintech Beat podcast, Episode 5

Exploring the wild, wild west of cryptocurrency exchanges
Fintech Beat podcast, Episode 4

What's in your crypto wallet? And how to keep it safe
Fintech Beat podcast, Episode 3

What is jawboning, explained
Fintech Beat

The act of regulation through informal methods such as speeches and letters — also known as jawboning — is used often in creating policy. Chris Brummer explains why it’s of particular importance to financial technology regulation....
4 fintech regulation issues to keep an eye on in the U.S. and abroad

The regulation of financial technology is complex and expanding to cover more aspects of our lives, just like the technology itself. Watch as Fintech Beat's Chris Brummer explains four important regulation issues you should keep an eye on in the near term....
Financial technology is changing how we do business, and regulators are trying to catch up
Fintech Beat

Whether you’re paying a friend for drinks on Venmo or logging in to your online banking, you’ve probably engaged with fintech.