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Opinion: Republicans Reversed Course on ‘Blue Slips’ for Judicial Nominees
Practice ensures that nominees chosen by presidents of both parties are mainstream

Senate Republicans have done a head-spinning 180 on the value of the “blue slip,” a 100-year-old tool that gives home state senators the ability to sign off on judicial nominees in their states. This practice ensures that the White House consults senators on lifetime appointments and that nominees are mainstream and well-suited to serve in their states.

Just three years ago, Sen. Orrin Hatchwrote about the value of the blue slip and his commitment to upholding it during his tenure as chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He said that “weakening or eliminating the blue slip process would sweep aside the last remaining check on the president’s judicial appointment power.”

Bill Would Raise Fuel Rules by 10 MPG

The majority of Americans would choose more fuel-efficient vehicles if they were widely available — and the same holds true for cleaner fuels. Those are the conclusions of major public opinion surveys published by the Pew Research Center and UPI/Zogby International.

But the reality is that most of the sedans, trucks and sport utility vehicles available for purchase today are not built to optimize fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions. And it’s all but impossible to find fuels that emit less carbon dioxide than traditional gasoline, such as biodiesel, E-85 or hydrogen, at a local fueling station.

Action Needed on Entitlement Reform
What should Congress do to reform entitlements?

Here’s a fact that should worry everyone in Congress: Half of all American workers today have no pension or retirement plan from their employers. That means Social Security is their only source of retirement income. It is our belief that these numbers will only grow in the future.

But Social Security is headed for trouble, with its trustees predicting expenditures will outstrip income beginning in 2042.