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Rep. Thomas Massie TBTs to his summer fling

Kentucky congressman won the internet on Thursday

A 19-year-old Thomas Massie, in white cap, embarked on a 10-day trip across the U.S. in a solar-powered  vehicle named "Galaxy." (Courtesy Rep. Thomas Massie via Twitter)

There are two kinds of TBTs: the kind that we pause to view ever so quickly, perhaps give it a double tap, and then continue the scroll through the rest of our feed. And then there’s the kind that stops us cold, takes hold of our vision and raise questions faster than we can raise our eyebrows.

This morning, Rep. Thomas Massie blessed us with the latter.

The congressman’s tweet reads, “29 summers ago I was part of the MIT solar car team. I helped build this car for a race across the (United States) from Florida to Michigan. On this leg, I was fortunate to be the driver and we were the first of 32 teams to arrive in Churchill Downs, Kentucky!”

The solar vehicle pictured was named “Galaxy,” Massie told us in an email. Coming in at a meager 300 pounds, Galaxy’s frame was made from aluminum and “brazed chrome-moly steel.” Most notable was the “bubble” that sat atop the car which enabled the driver to navigate. The “bubble,” as Massie puts it, was a spare part “made for Dick Rutan’s Voyager plane that was the first to fly around the world without refueling,” he noted.

After a few bumps in the road while crossing Indiana, Galaxy completed the “GM Sunrayce” in 10 days, finishing sixth out of 32 solar cars. “Our bragging rights were that we had the cheapest car in the race at $30,000,” touted Massie.

Although we don’t know what the congressman used to fuel his own energy along the way, I’m willing to bet it was SunChips.

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