Pelosi on Trump investigations: ‘We are, from a timing standpoint, where we need to be’

Speaker still refuses to clarify whether she thinks it’s appropriate to call the investigations an impeachment inquiry

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., won’t call Democrats’ investigations into President Donald Trump an impeachment inquiry, but says timing-wise they're where they need to be. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday again declined to say whether she thinks House Democrats’ investigations into President Donald Trump are a formal impeachment inquiry, but she said the probe is proceeding on track. 

“I’m very pleased [with] the path we’re on and the progress we’ve made,” the California Democrat said. “We are, from a timing standpoint, where we need to be.”

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Pelosi’s comments, made during her weekly press briefing, came just a few hours after the House Judiciary Committee approved a resolution specifying procedures for its investigation that Chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York has called an impeachment inquiry. 

Pelosi said she has no qualms with the advances the Judiciary Committee and other panels with oversight inquiries into Trump are making, but she suggested there’s been no change in strategy since the six committees started their investigations earlier this year.

“Legislate, investigate, litigate — that’s the path we have been on, and that’s the path we will continue to be on,” she said.

“There’s nothing different from one day to the next. We’re still on our same path,” Pelosi later added. 

The speaker did not specify when Democrats need to make a decision on whether to proceed with articles of impeachment, although Nadler has said he’d like to make a recommendation by the end of the year.  

“People are impatient about it moving more quickly. We can’t go any faster than the facts,” Pelosi said. 

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As reporters tried to ask follow-up questions clarifying her view on whether the investigations are equivalent to a formal impeachment inquiry, Pelosi swatted them down, saying she has said all she has to say on the topic. She questioned why reporters weren’t more focused on legislative matters like gun safety bills Democrats are pushing.

“Why is it that you’re hung up on a word over here, when lives are at stake over there?” Pelosi said. 

The speaker was asked to respond to a comment House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made earlier this week saying he doesn’t see an issue with government officials spending money at Trump’s business properties, saying it’s not any different than deciding to stay at a Marriott. 

Pelosi disagreed, calling the fact that federal dollars are being spent at Trump’s private business properties “beyond appalling.

“But how can anybody be appalled? We’ve seen it all,” she said. 

Pelosi added: “In terms of integrity, it seems like the administration is having a limbo contest with itself to see how low it can go.”

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