Tuesday Is the Voter Registration Deadline in These States

For Maryland and D.C. residents, it’s the last day to register online

The midterm elections are approaching fast and many voter registration deadlines have already passed. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call)

If you live in one of 18 states and haven’t registered to vote, you’ve already missed your chance to cast a ballot in the midterm elections on Nov. 6.

Other deadlines are fast approaching. Virginia residents, get your postmarks going. Monday is the last day you can register online, in person or by mail.

Monday is also the cutoff for 28 counties in North Carolina that saw extended deadlines after Hurricane Florence.

Tuesday brings deadlines for eight states, plus the District of Columbia:

D.C.: Tuesday is the last day before the midterms to register online or by mail. (Caveat: Mailed forms must be received — not postmarked — by then.) If you can’t log on in time, you can always register in person on Election Day or during early voting, which begins Oct. 22. Just bring proof of residency to your polling place.

Kansas: Tuesday is the last day to register online, in person or by mail. 

Louisiana: The deadline to register in person or by mail has already passed. But online registration is open through Tuesday.

Maine: Tuesday is the deadline to register by mail. While there’s no online option, you can register at your town office or city hall through Election Day. 

Maryland: Tuesday is the last day to register by mail and online. (Night owls beware: the digital system shuts down at 9 p.m.) If you miss the window this week, there’s still time — you can register in person during early voting, which starts Oct. 25 and ends Nov. 1. 

Minnesota: Tuesday is the last day to register online or by mail. You can also register in person at your polling place on Election Day.

Nevada: The mail deadline has passed, but you have through Tuesday to register in person, and until Thursday to do so online.

New Jersey: Tuesday is the last day to register in person or by mail. There’s no online registration. 

Oregon: Tuesday is the last day to register online, in person or by mail. 

In some states, it’s never too late. These places allow in-person registration on Election Day:

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