White House Press Conference

White House to Shift Ebola Funds to Zika Fight

Obama Looks to Congress on Panama Papers

Obama to Congress: Give Gitmo Plan ‘Fair Hearing’

WH: FBI Not Asking Apple for 'Backdoor'

Obama Defends Oil Tax Hike Proposal

President Barack Obama defended his proposed oil fee Friday, saying it would help position the American economy for the future and help transition away from "dirty fuels.” 

Obama Hunkers Down For Colossal Snow Storm

WH 'Confident' in Supreme Court Immigration Arguments

SOTU to Focus on ‘Future Generations’

WH Casts Doubt on North Korean H-Bomb Claims

WH Skeptical GOP Will Pass Mental Health Funding

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he expects many of the items in the Obama administration's gun control action will be included in its fiscal 2017 budget request.