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Kentucky Sports Radio Host Decides Against a Campaign for Congress

In Kentucky sports radio host Matt Jones, D.C. Democrats thought they had a dream candidate to challenge Rep. Andy Barr. (AP File Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

In Kentucky Sports Radio Host Matt Jones, Democrats in Washington thought they might have found it all in a possible candidate to run in Kentucky's 6th District: A moderate who was not ashamed to admit he voted for President Barack Obama; a well-educated lawyer who knows how to speak to the district's working-class voters; and a man who has spent years building his name identification by hosting one of the top sports talk shows in a state that loves its sports.  

But on Monday, it turned out their notion of a Jones candidacy was too good to be true. After months of courting by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Jones announced he would not challenge Republican Rep. Andy Barr. "The decision is more personal than it is political," he wrote in a post on his website. "While I think now more than ever, a person who is willing to put aside political affiliations in order to actually work for the common good is needed, it just isn’t the right time in my life to do it."  

Sports Radio Host Considers Trading One Talk Show for Another

Jones, who hosts Kentucky Sports Radio, is inching closer to a decision on a run for Congress. (AP File Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

When Matt Jones, the host of the popular sports talk show "Kentucky Sports Radio" landed in Washington, D.C., last week, it was his second trip to the capital since he began eyeing a run as a Democrat in the Bluegrass State's 6th District against Republican Rep. Andy Barr.  

Jones, well known back home after spending 10 hours on the radio each week for the past five years talking about all the things University of Kentucky athletics, was in town a few months ago to hear a pitch from congressional Democrats about “why it might make sense to consider a run" for office.