Election 2016

Football Coach Takes Entire Team to Vote
Coastal Carolina coach Joe Moglia says his is only school besides service academies to vote as team

Members of Coastal Carolina University’s football team poses for a photo after voting on Tuesday. (Coastal Carolina Chanticleers via Facebook)

Coastal Carolina University football coach Joe Moglia loaded his team onto a bus on Tuesday and took them to... vote.

Moglia, who was previously chairman of TD Ameritrade and worked for Merrill Lynch, before he made a career change, told the Sun News of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, that his school would be the only one outside of the service academies to vote as a team.

Ep. 28: Assured Freshmen Will Boost House Diversity
The Big Story

Long before the polls close, 29 nominees for open seats are all but certain to win and they could end up as half or more of the House’s Class of 2016. CQ Roll Call’s senior editor David Hawkings and Managing Editor Adriel Bettelheim examine the newcomers and explain how demographics assure more diversity on Capitol Hill next year.

Ep. 25: Kaine, Pence Square Off
The Big Story

CQ Roll Call Columnist Walter Shapiro, CQ Policy Editor Catalina Camia and CQ Roll Call’s News Director Steve Komarow weigh in on the vice presidential debate and what Tim Kaine and Mike Pence must do to elevate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Show Notes:

Wasserman Schultz In the Hall, But Inconspicuous
Florida congresswoman forced from her DNC chairmanship by email scandal

Debbie Wasserman Schultz kept a low profile at the Democratic convention, including her appearance at Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech. (Photo By Bill Clark CQ Roll Call)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was persona non grata on the stage of the Democratic convention, but there she was in the hall on Thursday night as Hillary Clinton accepted the party’s presidential nomination.  

Wasserman Schultz was due to hang up her title as Democratic National Committee chair once Clinton was done speaking, forced from her perch by scandal over leaked DNC emails purporting to undercut the campaign of Clinton rival Bernie Sanders.