The Certainty of Death, Taxes, and White Evangelicals
Faithful made up one-quarter of the electorate (again) and voted big for Trump

President-elect Donald Trump, seen here at the Republican National Convention in July, won white evangelical voters by the largest margin in recent memory. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

As the electorate evolves with each election cycle because of changing demographics, there is one constant: white evangelicals. Once again, they made up one-quarter of the electorate and voted heavily for the Republican presidential nominee.

White voters, as a share of the electorate, have been on a steady descent from 88 percent in 1980 to 70 percent in the most recent election, according to exit polling. Yet the share of white evangelical voters has remained remarkably static.

Come to Obama Picnic, Leave Bible Verse Behind
GOP Sen. Perdue quipped about praying for President's days to 'be few'

Sen. David Perdue raised eyebrows with the scripture verse he recited about President Obama. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

White House says a GOP senator can still come to a picnic next week — even though he recited a Bible verse on Friday when talking about President Barack Obama that could be interpreted as wishing for his death.