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Ep. 13: Federal Workforce Reductions Could Hurt Veterans


The Trump administration has plans to reduce the number of government workers in the months and years ahead, says CQ Roll Call’s budget reporter Ryan McCrimmon. But those efforts could directly cost veterans in more ways than one, adds Kellie Mejdrich.

GOP Readies Cuts to Federal Workforce Under Trump
Reductions part of long-sought civil service overhaul

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz is readying a plan that would likely make big changes to federal workers’ generous retirement benefits (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

For years, Republicans in Congress have been eyeing an overhaul of the federal workforce — by reducing the number of workers and curtailing benefits and pay while making it easier to fire bad employees.

Now, with a president-elect who has promised to do much the same, 2017 could be the best time in recent memory to make sweeping changes affecting those who work for the bureaucracy.

Bill Would Let Federal Workers Commute Via Uber
Congressmen want relief for commuters during Metro shutdowns and delays

Rep. Mark Meadows is one of the lawmakers pushing to allow transit benefits for ride-sharing services. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

A bipartisan pair of House members want to let federal workers apply tax-free transportation benefits to Uber rides.  

The move comes as a response to the difficulties in commuting via the Washington, D.C., area's Metro rail system during the extended closures and single-tracking associated with the "SafeTrack" effort to catch up on long overdue repairs to the transit network.