Jesus Lady

Meet Capitol Hill's 'Jesus Lady': A Consistent Presence Since 1979

She’s been a fixture on Capitol Hill for decades. Members of Congress, staffers, journalists and other community dwellers all know her and her signature mannequin — of Jesus. She’s Rita Warren, more commonly known around the Hill as Jesus Lady.

'Jesus Lady' Presses on With Her Divine Fight
Rita Warren brings life-size statute of the Messiah back to House steps

Bob Stief helps Rita Warren, known on Capitol Hill as the “"Jesus Lady,"” carry her Jesus mannequin to the House side of the U.S. Capitol building on Thursday. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Capitol Hill’s staple religious activist known as “Jesus Lady” returned to her old stomping grounds Thursday, one month after she said she suffered a heart attack.

After hauling her signature life-size statue of the messiah, Rita Warren, a career protester in her late 80s, said she planned to air grievances to Capitol Police because they won’t let her drive onto the Hill’s plaza anymore.