Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter: I hope there's an age limit' to run for president

Former President Jimmy Carter testifies at a 2009 Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Opinion: Trump-Carter Comparison a Sign of Historical Amnesia
People forget Carter remained fairly popular during his first year as president

At a moment when President Donald Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin remains undimmed, Jimmy Carter should be remembered as the first presidential apostle of human rights. (Trump: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo, Carter: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division)

I rise on a point of personal privilege as a former Jimmy Carter speechwriter.

For those looking for a glib analogy to describe the disarray of the Donald Trump White House, it has suddenly become fashionable to pick on Carter, the last one-term Democratic president.

Hall of Fame Chronicles Rock’s Role in Politics
Exhibit coincides with GOP convention before moving to DC for inauguration

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is getting political this campaign year, orchestrating a multimedia presentation designed to connect the dots between music and the most pressing social issues of the past few decades.  

The nascent “Louder Than Words” exhibit — which is scheduled to debut Friday in Cleveland and will run concurrent to the Republican National Convention in July  — provides a unique perspective on American history  since the Eisenhower administration, organizers say.   

Jimmy Carter Keeps Adding to Resume
Former president gets to try on a new hat

Former President Jimmy Carter is presented with his ranger hat by National Park Service officials. (National Park Service)

If you think you see a 91-year-old former president while hiking around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park this summer, that would be Ranger Jimmy Carter.  

Over the weekend, the National Park Service made the 39th president, Nobel Peace Prize winner and cancer survivor an honorary park ranger.