kansas senate

Getting the Job Done in Media Scrums


Covering candidates in their home districts is an essential part of the job, but adapting to the style of the local visual journalists can be challenging. In D.C., there are so many still photographers that we have to work together so we don’t get in each other’s shots. A lot of journalists in smaller markets aren’t used to working in crowds, and I think they focus on what they need and not where others are.  

I was recently in Wichita, Kan., covering the kickoff of Sen. Pat Roberts’ bus tour. The rally had a typical setup with a lectern for speakers to address a crowd of around 200. I was expecting to see a bank of TV cameras toward the back, which would mean I would have to crouch down. If a still photographer blocks the TV cameras, they hear about it. The TV cameras were on the side of the crowd, but I still crouched in front of the podium so I wouldn't block the supporters.