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Heard on the Hill This Week: Bar Hopping on Debate Night

While voters throughout nation gathered around TVs for the third and final showdown between presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Roll Call's Heard on the Hill reporter Alex Gangitano went bar hopping to Capitol Hill's debate watch parties. These included a basement bar serving Trump-inspired cocktails and a Hill favorite with Clinton and Trump impersonators.

Also, straight from Nevada, senior Senate reporter Niels Lesniewski shares Minority Leader Harry Reid's advice for the Washington Nationals at the end of their season.

What to Watch on Day 3 of the Democratic Convention
Obama, Biden set to speak to Clinton's bona fides to lead

President Barack Obama campaigned with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton earlier this month in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The heavy-hitters of the Democratic party will talk about how Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be our next commander-in-chief and how a Donald Trump presidency is a danger to our national security.  

National security will be a big theme during the third night of the Democratic National Convention with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg speaking to outline how Clinton is best prepared to handle America's national security. There will be military personnel who will speak to help back up the defense of Clinton.