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Chamber Sent $500K to RSLC Just Prior to NC Judicial Primary

The Chamber of Commerce of the U.S. sent $500,000 to a national Republican organization just in time to have an impact on the North Carolina Supreme Court primary election.  

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) , a Section 527 political organization, reported it had receipts of $1,625,373 and disbursements of $1,354,168 during April. The RSLC received $500,000 from the Chamber of Commerce of the U.S.  on April 25th. Earlier this year the RSLC had received $100,000 from the Chamber.  

Fundraising Starts for Lois Lerner's Legal Bills

A fundraising effort has started to help pay the legal bills of former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner .  

On May 7th, the House of Representatives approved a contempt citation against Lois G. Lerner, former Director, Exempt Organizations, Internal Revenue Service, for "refusal to comply with a subpoena duly issued by the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform." Lerner handled matters relating to the tax-exempt status of organizations.