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After Gun Votes, White House Says Republicans 'Scared' of NRA
Top Obama spokesman: 'Cowardice' led to defeat of Senate measures

Hours after Senate Republicans defeated four gun measures, the White House hit back hard by accusing them of “cowardice” and being “scared” of the National Rifle Association.  

The four measures, two Republican-crafted and two Democrat-written, would have tied gun purchases to various federal terrorism watchlists , increased funding, and closed the so-called “guns show loophole.” None received the requisite 60 votes needed to end debate.  

Power Brokers: Connolly on Metro Fixes, Terrorist Watch List

Virginia Rep. Gerald E. Connolly says, “I have yet to meet a Republican colleague here in the House who is enthusiastic about Don Trump.” (Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call).

In Roll Call’s Power Brokers newsmaker series , presented by United Health Group, Rep. Gerald E. Connolly sits down with Roll Call editor-in-chief Melinda Henneberger to discuss problems with the DC Metro, the terrorist watch list and Hillary Clinton’s chances in November.