Confederate Flag

House Floor Explodes Over Confederate Flag Resolution

Hours after Republicans pulled a fiscal 2016 Interior-Environment spending bill over an amendment permitting Confederate flag imagery on graves on federal land, lawmakers again found themselves scrambling on the House floor.

Following a failed vote to adjourn the House in protest over the Confederate flag amendment, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi offered a resolution to remove any state flag containing the Confederate flag from House grounds, which Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy quickly moved to refer to the House Administration Committee.

House Pulls Spending Bill Amid Confederate Flag Debate

House Republicans are pulling the Interior-Environment appropriations bill amid a growing public relations storm over votes on the Confederate battle flag and concerns the bill won't pass.

Speaker John A. Boehner confirmed to reporters Thursday, during his weekly on-camera news conference, that the appropriations bill was being pulled so the "adult" members of Congress could sit down and have a conversation about how to deal with the Confederate flag.

Clyburn Slams Confederate Flag Amendment

Hours ahead of a vote on the fiscal 2016 Interior-Environment spending bill, Rep. James E. Clyburn of South Carolina joined a chorus of Democrats Thursday lambasting an amendment to the legislation permitting Confederate flag imagery on graves on federal land in some circumstances.

“I’m calling upon all of my colleagues who come to this floor this afternoon to remember that it was on this date in 1868 that South Carolina … was the state that gave the votes necessary to ratify the 14th Amendment,” Clyburn said.

Senate Chaplain Praises 'Courage' of South Carolina Legislature

Senate Chaplain Barry Black took a moment to praise the South Carolina state government Thursday morning, after it voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from the state capitol grounds.

"Guide us with your powerful hands," Black, the first black Senate chaplain, said in his opening prayer. "And Lord we praise you for the courage of the South Carolina legislature."

Scott Tears Up Over Charleston Church Shooting

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott continued his tribute to the victims of last week’s Charleston church shooting in a powerful speech that brought him to tears on the Senate floor Wednesday.

In between votes on “fast-track” trade legislation, the freshman Republican read the names of each of the nine victims and introduced a resolution condemning the attack, which was adopted by unanimous consent.

House Holds Moment of Silence for Charleston Shooting Victims

The South Carolina congressional delegation, joined on the House floor by the Congressional Black Caucus, held a moment of silence Tuesday for the victims of last week’s Charleston, S.C., church shooting.

Reid Reacts to Confederate Statues on Capitol Hill

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday said states should reexamine statues of Confederate leaders on Capitol Hill following last week’s Charleston, S.C., church shooting, but would only call for the removal of former Nevada Sen. Patrick McCarran’s statue, deferring to states for the selection of Statuary Hall statues in accordance with law.

“Now I think that it would be important that we look at some of the statues that are here not as a result of what the states have done, but what others do, and we’re going to take a look at that,” Reid said. "But other than that, I think that we need to make sure the states understand who they have here. For example, I’ve said publicly in Nevada on more than one occasion, we have — one of our statues is Pat McCarran — I think he should be put out to a pasture someplace, his statue."