Continuing Resolution

Best of Whiteboard: Here Comes the Budget

David Hawkings' Whiteboard: Continuing Resolutions

Ryan Defends Short-Term CR

Dec. 10, 2015 House GOP Leadership Press Conference

David Hawkings' Whiteboard: Continuing Resolutions

Obama Would Sign Short-Term CR to Avoid Shutdown

The White House is signaling it would not block a short-term spending bill to avert a government shutdown should lawmakers need to keep working on a massive spending measure after the Dec. 11 deadline.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, briefing reporters in Paris Monday, put the onus on Republican leaders to avoid a shutdown.

Ryan Outlines Appropriations Strategy

In pursuing a departure from "business as usual," Speaker Paul D. Ryan is crowdsourcing his members for ideas on how craft a spending deal for the remainder of fiscal 2016.

"So things are gonna be done a little differently around here," Ryan said Thursday, at his first solo news conference.

Senate Budget Talk on Hold for Debt Limit

Senate Democrats have no interest in discussing a budget deal until the threat of a debt default is off the table.

The current continuing resolution keeping the government funded will run out on Dec. 11, and while budget talks have been underway, that issue, including the identification of offsets for a potential two-year agreement, seems to be taking a backseat to the more urgent debt situation.