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Photos of the Week
The week of Dec. 13 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

During what was scheduled to be the final week of Congress before the Christmas recess, a deal on funding the government, an agreement on the trade agreement that would replace NAFTA, and advancement of the articles of impeachment set up an extra week of work on Capitol Hill....
Photos of the Week
The week of Dec. 6 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

It’s beginning to look a lot like Impeachmas around Capitol Hill. Congress tries to get into the Christmas spirit with funding of the government past Dec. 20, and the House determined to hold a vote on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump before the end of the year....
Watch: Capitol Christmas Tree arrives on the West Lawn
This year’s tree came from the Carson National Forest in New Mexico

The 2019 Capitol Christmas Tree arrived on the West Lawn Monday, completing its nearly 2,000 mile journey from New Mexico’s Carson National Forest.

Photos of the Week
The week of Nov. 22 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

A marathon of impeachment hearings dominated the week, but we also saw former Speaker John Boehner return to the Capitol for the unveiling of his portrait before Congress left town for the Thanksgiving recess.

Photos of the Week
The week of Nov. 15 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

It wasn’t just another week in Washington. Veterans were remembered, the Supreme Court heard the DACA case, and the start of the public impeachment hearings highlight our photos of the week. ...
Photos of the Week
The week of Nov. 8 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

The House had its district work period — a.k.a. recess — this week, but there was still plenty of news.

Photos of the Week: Halloween and impeachment collide
The week of Nov. 1 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

Things are always a little strange in Congress. But throw in a dash of impeachment and a taste of Halloween into the cauldron, and you have a recipe for an extra strange week....
Photos: DC High Heel Race all about impeachment and Trump
Scenes from the 33rd annual race down 17th Street

Every year at the 17th Street High Heel Race the costumes tend to be political ones that mimic the news of the day. This year it was almost all about the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump....
Photos of the Week: Amid impeachment battle, members pay respect to Cummings
The week of Oct. 25 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

This week the Capitol was consumed with impeachment depositions, the storming of the SCIF, and a guy named Zuckerberg.

Photos of the Week: Everything but Infrastructure Week
The week of Oct. 18 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

The impeachment inquiry, Columbus Day, and the Stanley Cup’s appearance on the hill were all overshadowed by the loss of Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings....
Photos of the Week: Not really recess week
The week of Oct. 11 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

Congress was still technically on recess, but there was plenty of action. The new session of the Supreme Court kicked off, marijuana activists held a rally, impeachment proceedings continued, and two members of Congress held a joint town hall meeting....
Photos of the Week: Town halls and closed doors as impeachment ramps up
The week of Oct. 4 as captured by Roll Call's photographers

It may be recess, but the Hill was full of reporters and members of the House committees that began an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. 

Roll Call hit the road to visit Democratic town halls in Pennsylvania and Virginia. In Allentown, Pa., Rep. Susan Wild got questions about whether she’d be working on anything other than impeachment. While Rep. Elaine, Luria of Virginia’s 2nd District — which Trump won in 2016 — faced little opposition over her support of the impeachment probe. 

Photos of the Week: Impeachment is in the air, but first recess
The week of Sept. 27 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

Talk of impeachment dominated a week that began with climate protests snarling rush hour traffic in Washington on Monday morning. ...
Photos: Climate change protesters #ShutDownDC intersections
Photos of the day as captured by Roll Call's photographers

A coalition of activists under the umbrella Shut Down DC blocked intersections throughout Washington on Monday morning, saying their aim is to draw attention to climate change.

Traffic was rerouted at intersections, including Massachusetts Avenue and North Capitol Street near Capitol Hill.

Photos of the Week: A statehood hearing, climate activists and a new way to wear glasses
The week of September 20 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

This week on Capitol Hill included a D.C. statehood hearing and appearances from climate activist Greta Thunberg, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Oh, and there was this Congressman testing out a new method of wearing eyeglasses......
Photos of the Week: They’re Back!
The week of September 13 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

Following their 5-week recess, aka “home district work period,” members of Congress returned to Washington this week....
Dogs on Capitol Hill? We’ve got some good photos for National Dog Day
We bring you some of our favorite photos of dogs at the Capitol

National Dog Day is celebrated every year on August 26th. And since we know everyone loves photos of dogs in the Capitol, here are some of our favorites as the dog days of summer come to an end....
The Iowa State Fair in Photos
The best of the fair from Roll Call photojournalist Caroline Brehman

Photos from the Iowa Wing Ding
Roll Call photojournalist Caroline Brehman gives us a taste of the Iowa Wing Ding

Billed as northern Iowa’s premiere Democratic fundraiser, the annual Iowa Wing Ding in Clear Lake hosted a bevy of Presidential candidates Friday night. Our photojournalist, Caroline Brehman, gives us a look at what it looked like....
Photos of the Week: School’s out for the summer edition
The week of August 2 as captured by Roll Call’s photojournalists

We dedicate this week’s Photos of the Week to the August recess. Sure the Senate did some things this week, but the most eagerly anticipated Senate action of the week for them was leaving until September. ...