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The Fabulous Dresses of Nancy Reagan

Roll Call looks at some of the best dresses the former First Lady wore over the years. Nancy Reagan unveiled former dresses at the Kennedy Center in 2005 showcasing the fashion of former first ladies. ...
Remembering Nancy Reagan

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away Sunday morning in Los Angeles at age 94. Roll Call took a look through its archives and found some memorable moments from our coverage. ...
Roll Call's WHNPA 2016 Winning Images

 See the images by Roll Call photographers Bill Clark and Tom Williams that were awarded top marks at the White House News Photographers Association "Eyes of History" 2016 contest. ...
Slideshow: A History of Modern Supreme Court Nominations

While Republican leaders in the Senate say they won't bring a Supreme Court nominee to the floor, President Barack Obama says he plans to nominate someone. Justice Antonin Scalia died at age 79 on Saturday.  

Take a look through the most recent high court nominations via CQ Roll Call's photo archives. And yes, the first one is from 1938 because we couldn't help ourselves (the original caption called the cameras "both sounds and stills").  

Photos of the Week: February 8-12, 2016

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Photos: Beau Biden Through the Years
Beau Biden, the 46-year-old son of the vice president, died Saturday following a fight with brain cancer.  ...
Man on the Run

Runners from Capitol Hill and beyond descended Wednesday morning on the banks of the Anacostia River for the 34th annual ACLI Capital Challenge.  

On a surprisingly cool day, members of Congress and the executive branch were joined in the 3-mile run at Anacostia Park by their staff, private industry and representatives from the Fourth Estate, including a number of CQ Roll Callers.  

Capitol Lens: Darling Ducks

If you need some cute to start your week, Photo Editor Bill Clark captured these 2-day-old ducklings in Lower Senate Park on May 14. The 10 ducklings swam in the pool and walked across the plaza trying to keep up with their mother.  


How to Get a Front-Page Photo (Video)

Sometimes capturing just the right moment requires you to move fast. Roll Call Photographer Tom Williams had only a few seconds to capture the hesitant Faye, a potbelly pig, avoiding a selfie attempt by Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.  

Watch the video below, courtesy of Washington Post National Reporter Colby Itkowitz , via Twitter .  

Capitol Lens: Remember


Standing before the Henry J. Daly Metropolitan Police Headquarters — so named for a slain officer — police officers remembered another one of their own Monday, Sgt. Clinton Holtz, a 6-foot-11-inch Capitol Police sergeant with a lot of friends and a lot of nicknames.  

Capitol Lens: V-E Day

Photo Editor Bill Clark and Staff Photographer Tom Williams attended the Arsenal of Democracy flyover Friday and captured some stunning moments.  

Many veterans from WWII were on the Mall to watch the commemorative event. According to the organizing group, the flyover included dozens of World War II aircraft flying in 15 historical warbird formations representing the major battles, from Pearl Harbor through the final air assault on Japan.  

Capitol Lens: Time Out


In the photo below, Sen. John Thune is interviewed on April 30 at Google’s D.C. office during a #Hack4Congress event in which technology specialists face off in a competition to create innovations related to Congress. Read more about the event on Hill Blotter .  

Capitol Lens: Rainbow Connection

In the photo below, same-sex marriage rights activists hold a giant rainbow flag Tuesday outside the Supreme Court before the start of oral arguments on marriage equality. Read more about the arguments on Hawkings Here and the plaintiff's visit to the Capitol on Hill Blotter .