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Watch: McConnell Does Not Intend to Bring Mueller Protection Bill to Senate Floor

The Senate will not be voting on a bill to protect Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller from being fired, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters on Friday.

Fellow GOP Sen. Jeff Flake called for the Senate to take action on such a bill Wednesday, shortly after Jeff Sessions’ departure from the Justice Department and the installation of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general.

DNC Chairman: Sessions Firing ‘In Some Ways Worse Than Saturday Day Night Massacre’

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez called the firing of Jeff Sessions and the installation of Sessions’ Chief of Staff Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general “in some ways worse than the Saturday night massacre.”

Perez said Thursday that Whitaker’s role assuming oversight of Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation “doesn’t pass the smell test.”

Pelosi Spoke With Trump About How They Can Work Together

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who will likely become speaker of the House when the Democrats take the majority in the next Congress, said she spoke on the phone with President Donald Trump following Tuesday’s Democratic gains.

“Last night I had a conversation with President Trump about how we could work together,” Pelosi said Wednesday, noting that an infrastructure package may be a focus. “That issue has not been a partisan issue,” she said.

Watch: Trump Declares Success in the Midterms, Spars With CNN Reporter

President Donald Trump called Tuesday’s elections “an incredible day,” touting the GOP’s success in the Senate, particularly in races where he campaigned.

‘I Love That We Have The Right’— Voters Around the Beltway Share Their Election Day Thoughts

Roll Call traveled to half a dozen polling places in the D.C. area to take the region’s temperature on this historic Election Day. As race results continue pouring in, see the video for how voters in Virginia and Maryland felt taking to the polls....
Obama: ‘The Character of This Country is on the Ballot’

Former President Barack Obama joined Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and House candidate Jennifer Wexton in Fairfax, Va. on Monday.

“The character of this country is on the ballot, who we are is on the ballot,” Obama said to a small, enthusiastic crowd one day before the midterm elections.

Confessions of an Elections Analyst
Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales — an authoritative look at where things stand for 2018

Nathan L. Gonzales knows exactly what’s going to happen on Election Day. Sort of. Maybe. Kinda. Maybe not.

After nearly two years of analyzing data and polling trends from hundreds of races, Roll Call’s elections analyst thinks he has a pretty good sense of where things could go on November 6th and beyond, but after the 2016 election it’s impossible to rule anything out.

25 Race Ratings Changes Less Than a Week Before Midterms
Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales — an authoritative look at where things stand for 2018

After two years of analyzing and prognosticating, it's finally almost here: Nov. 6, Election Day. Roll Call elections analyst Nathan L. Gonzales takes you through where the House and Senate battlegrounds have landed with a video debrief on the most recent ratings changes, listed in full here: 


Watch: Sessions, Wray Discuss Suspicious Packages Arrest

Justice Department officials including FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions briefed reporters Friday afternoon on the arrest of Cesar Sayoc Jr., a suspect in mailing of at least 13 improvised explosive devices to prominent Democrats and CNN. Sessions said Sayoc faces five federal charges and up to 58 years in prison.

“Today’s arrest doesn’t mean we’re all out of the woods,” Wray said. “There may be other packages in transit now.”

Spartacus, Apprenticeships and a Cat Watching C-SPAN: Congressional Hits and Misses
Week of October 22, 2018

Several lawmakers were in Washington for another recess-week Judiciary Committee hearing, as well as to join President Donald Trump in the Oval Office for the signing of the opioid bill. Find out why presidents used to sign bills one letter at a time, what gladiator Sen. Ted Cruz assures you he is not and why Sen. Michael D. Crapo was asking about a cat watching C-SPAN. All that and more in another special edition of recess Hits & Misses.

What to Watch in the Final Stretch of the Arizona Senate Race
At the Races, an inside analysis into 2018 House and Senate races that our political reporters — Bridget Bowman and Simone Pathé — are keeping tabs on

A Democrat hasn’t won an Arizona Senate election in 30 years, but the matchup between Republican Rep. Martha McSally and Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema for the Grand Canyon State’s open seat remains neck and neck. Roll Call reporter Bridget Bowman lays out what to watch as McSally and Sinema head toward the finish line....
Watch: Cannon House Office Building Evacuated

The Cannon House Office building was evacuated Thursday morning, one day after several prominent Democrats, including Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, were targets of mailed explosive devices. Capitol Police began letting congressional staffers back into the building around 1 p.m.

McSally Defends Health Care Record in Testy Media Exchange

Arizona Senate hopeful Rep. Martha McSally defended her record on health care and the protection of pre-existing conditions at a campaign event Wednesday afternoon in Avondale, Ariz. 

“You know my heart, this is personal to a lot of people,” McSally said. “And we need a different policy model that brings down the cost, that provides more choice and allows people to get health insurance for their pre-existing conditions.”

McCarthy Office Window Smashed Amid Wave of Political Harassment

Leaders from both sides of the aisle have called out incivility in public discourse recently. But both Democratic and Republican actors have caused a stir in recent months, including multiple instances of vandalism to public officials' property and pub...
12 Ratings Changes for House, Senate and Gubernatorial Races: 4 Toward GOP, 8 Toward Democrats
Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales — an authoritative look at where things stand for 2018

With so many close races in the ever-changing 2018 landscape, Roll Call elections analyst Nathan Gonzales has one big question: how long after Election Day will the nation have to wait before knowing which party will control Congress? Watch the video for Gonzales’ analysis, plus a debrief on a handful of ratings changes less than three weeks out, which are listed in full below.