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James Clyburn: Live at the Comedy Cellar

House majority whip kicks off International Joke Day with a 3-joke set (on Twitter)

Despite his best efforts, there is probably no Netflix standup special in House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn’s future. (Courtesy Rep. James E. Clyburn via Twitter)

We may be weeks removed from Father’s Day but that didn’t discourage House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn from unleashing a torrent of dad jokes so corny his district now qualifies for ethanol subsidies.

The South Carolina Democrat logged on to Twitter dot com on Monday to rattle off some turtle-themed material in celebration of International Joke Day. His jokes included gems like this:

Q: What kind of photos does a turtle take? A: SHELL-fies

Of course Clyburn’s colleagues couldn’t help but join in on the funny — and yes, I’m playing fast and loose with that definition. For instance, Assistant Speaker Ben Ray Luján called Clyburn a “shell-shocking jokester,” while Maryland Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger thanked him for helping us “SHELL-ebrate” Joke Day.

Clyburn is far from the first lawmaker to put on his finest pleated khakis and regale constituents with dad jokes. Presidential candidate Cory Booker recently rattled off seven in one minute between campaign stops in Iowa in May.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan even squared off against North Carolina Rep. Patrick T. McHenry for a 2018 Father’s Day dad-joke-off session in which he threw out haymakers like “What does an angry pepper do? It gets jalapeño face.”

While we appreciate Congress trying to keep things light while conducting the serious business of legislating, I don’t think anyone will be offering these guys a Netflix special anytime soon. 

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