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We don’t have a Cardi B election race rating yet

She’s running, maybe. Cardi B performs in New York in November. (Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

It’s been a busy few weeks for Cardi B: She moved into a gigantic new house and she threatened to run for Congress. 

“I think I want to be a politician,” the rapper tweeted over the weekend.

We asked CQ Roll Call elections analyst Nathan L. Gonzales to handicap a Cardi B race. He, wisely, declined. But he did share some thoughts about the “Invasion of Privacy” artist’s chances in Georgia.

“Realistically, she’s got a better chance running statewide than in her new home district,” Gonzales told Heard on the Hill.

Her sprawling mansion, which features a solarium and wine cellar, is reportedly in suburban Atlanta, in the district currently held by Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk

“There’s no reason to say she can’t win until we know when and where she’s running,” Gonzales said.

While the artist is putting down roots in Atlanta, she still has ties to the Bronx, a place she’s long called home. And any bid for office would be “a couple of years” away, by her own account. 

“I do feel like if I go back to school and focus up I can be part of Congress,” she tweeted Sunday. “I deadass have sooo much ideas that make sense.” 

Other entertainers have made the leap to Congress, though many more have fallen short — think Clay Aiken of “American Idol” fame or Kid Rock (he was never really serious anyway, he said).

Gonzales put it this way: “After 2016, I’ve ruled out ruling things out.”

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