Reid Pulls for Trump, Then Thinks Better of It

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid insists he wasn't serious when he told reporters he was cheering on Donald Trump in the Republican presidential contest. "I remember the good old days when he did a fundraiser or two for me," the Nevada Democrat said Wednesday. "With that bunch of people running, I'm kinda pulling for him." Trump has in fact been a Reid donor over the years, with obvious interests in the casino business, but Reid's quip about the real estate developer and Republican front-runner was not well received by one of his top lieutenants, Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y. "I was just trying to be funny with Donald Trump, but obviously it wasn't too funny," Reid said. "Schumer kicked me in the back of the leg ... a little higher than the leg." Reid went a step further after the press stakeout, going to the Senate floor to say what he said about Trump wasn't funny. "The danger of a Donald Trump candidacy to our country is not a joke," Reid said. "Since he launched his bid for the Republican nomination, he has proven over and over again that he is a hateful demagogue who will do immeasurable damage to our country, if elected." As for the 2016 GOP contest itself, Reid was gleeful, even after getting the kick from Schumer. "I am watching with pleasure the Republicans fumbling around. It is a cadre of people who are really a mismatch for president of the United States," Reid said. "I just think it has made a mockery of our Republican Party." Related: See photos, follies, HOH Hits and Misses and more at Roll Call's new video site. Get breaking news alerts and more from Roll Call in your inbox or on your iPhone.