Inhofe, James M.

Inhofe: Highway Bill Complete by Thanksgiving

Once the House passes its version of a six-year highway bill and a conference with the Senate is formed, negotiators could resolve their differences in a matter of a few hours, Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman James M. Inhofe said in a speech on the Senate floor Monday.

Watch Live: Senate Hearing on Gold King Mine Spill

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee holds an oversight hearing of the Environmental Protection Agency and its response to the Aug. 5 waste water spill at the Gold King Mine in Colorado. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is expected to testify.

McConnell Aims for House Support on Highway Bill

Senate GOP leaders touted the six-year surface transportation deal reached earlier Tuesday and quickly pivoted to pitching the bill to the House, which last week passed an $8 billion stopgap measure funding the Highway Trust Fund through Dec. 18.

“What we hope is that the multiyear, paid-for highway bill that we’ve been discussing, that we hope to get out of the Senate in the next week or so, will be attractive to the House of Representatives,” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. “… If we can produce a bill that they find attractive, I hope they’ll consider it and pass it.”