Charles Schumer

Schumer, McConnell at Crossroads on DACA

Who’s Getting to Write the Tax Bill
Roll Call Decoder with David Hawkings

How do the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means committee members get their assignments?  Political bomb-throwers rarely get the call. Facing a tough campaign is a plus. So are party loyalty and K Street support. Senior editor David Hawkings explains.

Chuck Schumer Is on the Line
Presumed future Democratic leader has a preference for action over ideology

Unlike the current Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, left, Chuck Schumer’s inclination is toward doing a deal, writes Patricia Murphy. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

No matter what happens on Election Day, a New Yorker will become the most powerful person in Washington, and it may not be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Either Clinton or Trump will live in the White House, but when it comes to getting an agenda passed into law, they’ll need Senate Democrats’ votes to do it.  And to get those votes, they’re going to need Sen. Chuck Schumer, the rising Senate Democratic leader and the man poised to be a Clinton consiglieri or Trump’s not-so-loyal opposition.

Kansas Senator Calls Hearing to Fight Ticket Scalping 'Bots'
Will focus on legislation designed to crack down on bulk ticket buying

Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, center, is sponsoring legislation designed to stop automated bots from stockpiling tickets, the subject of next week's hearing. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

A bipartisan effort to keep ticket scalpers from scooping up the best seats at sporting events, concerts and Broadway shows will get its biggest boost yet on Capitol Hill next week.

Sen. Jerry Moran, who is sponsoring legislation designed to stop automated bots from stockpiling tickets, is set to convene a hearing next week, the Kansas Republican said in a statement provided to Roll Call on Tuesday.