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Podcast: Quitting Congress
The Big Story, Episode 71

Rep. Charlie Dent's decision to retire made his district more competitive. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

A spate of high profile lawmakers have announced they're retiring from Congress, but they are likely to be followed by others, says Roll Call elections analyst Nathan Gonzales. Senior political writer Bridget Bowman and leadership editor Jason Dick discuss who else might retire.

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Quiz: Match the Member of Congress With the Landmark, Part II
Which members get to represent these iconic American attractions ?

Faneuil Hall (Credit: istockphoto)

There's a member of Congress for every monument and historic place in the United States. But can you figure out which goes with which? Match your wits against CQ Roll Call's experts, and see how you do!  


Quiz: Which Member Of Congress Represents This National Landmark?
Some Members of Congress are especially lucky

Exterior view of the historic Alamo shortly after sunrise.

The Empire State Building, the Alamo, the Gateway Arch - they've all got a member of Congress proud to count those national landmark as a part of their district. Can you guess who represents which one?