17 to 70: Poll Volunteers of All Ages, Backgrounds Give Back on Election Day

Many of us set aside a small chunk of our day to vote, yet none of that would be possible without the host of volunteers who set aside their entire days to facilitate the process. Watch Election Day unfold behind the scenes with the volunteers at Lake Braddock Secondary’s precincts 118 and 125, in Burke, Virginia (Fairfax County).

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Do Search Engines Have Algorithms to Sway Voters?
Recent Facebook allegations raise scrutiny on search engines

Can search engine results sway undecided voters? Experts suspect they can but can't prove it. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images file photo)

While Facebook is taking heat for allegedly controlling how topics trend on the social media website, search engines like Google are being scrutinized on how their rankings of stories might sway voters.  

Some experts estimate that between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes could be shifted because of how search engines rank stories. According to psychologist Robert Epstein, who researches human-adjusted search engines, these shifts could be made "without leaving a paper trail."  

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