Senate Floor Speeches

Reid: Trump and McConnell See Women as ‘Dogs and Pigs’

Shortly before presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump was to meet with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate leaders, Minority Leader Harry Reid criticized the two Republicans for their views on women.

"When they get together, they can talk about their policies about being anti-woman," Reid said. "Since Sen. McConnell has so enthusiastically embraced Trump, we can only assume he agrees with Trump's view that women are dogs and pigs."

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Senate Leaders Honor Longtime Gallery Director

Senate leaders used opening remarks on the floor Wednesday to honor Ed Pesce, the longtime director of the Senate Periodical Press Gallery, calling him a fixture behind the office’s signature saloon doors.

Minority Leader Harry Reid commended Pesce’s work, along with gallery staff, who act as nonpartisan liaisons coordinating communication between congressional staff and media outlets across several countries.

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Senate Leaders Remember Fallen Officer

During opening remarks on the Senate floor Wednesday, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Harry Reid took a moment to remember Capitol police Officer Vernon Alston, who died of a heart attack while shoveling snow Saturday during the blizzard that struck the district over the weekend.

“Officer Alston served on the force for nearly two decades, working to protect all of us,” McConnell said. “I know his service and dedication will be remembered by all who knew him.”

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