Odds of a Government Shutdown Tick Up as House Leaves for Recess With Unfinished Business
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Trump’s Empty Veto Threat of Spending Bill Could Have a Big Pricetag

McConnell: Omnibus Not ‘Perfect’ But Contains Victories

The Senate leaders spoke on the floor Thursday morning about the omnibus spending package introduced Wednesday night and already passed by the House.

Emerging Omnibus Plan Lacking Some Big-Ticket Trump Asks

Snow Day in Washington: Sledders, Cancelled Events and Waiting for the Omnibus

Ryan Wants Omnibus Done ‘As Fast as Possible’

Reid Warns GOP on Holding to Budget Agreement

Minority Leader Harry Reid said at his weekly press conference Tuesday that Senate Democrats would cooperate on the appropriations process if Republicans stick to the budget deal numbers and avoid riders.

Praise, Criticism for GOP as Obama Wraps 2015