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What You Missed: House Fetal Tissue Hearing

House Hearing on Pricing of Fetal Tissue

Pelosi: I’m Not for Abortion on Demand

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sees the recent Republican attempt to defund Planned Parenthood as an “insult to the intelligence and judgment of women.”

Asked if she had watched any of the undercover sting videos of Planned Parenthood officials discussing harvesting fetal body parts for use in medical research — the tapes that reinvigorated the recent push to withhold federal funds from the country’s largest abortion provider — she said she’d only seen what had been shown on the news.

House Holds Moment of Silence for Colorado Shooting Victims

The House held a moment of silence Tuesday for the victims of the shooting last week that resulted in three deaths at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs last week.

Pelosi Pans Planned Parenthood Special Committee

In criticizing the panel's creation, she renamed it, "The Republican Select Committee to Attack Women's Health."

"It's a funny thing," the California Democrat said. "We'll see what their agenda is, but I do believe that hardworking families deserve better than wasting taxpayers' money on select committees that diminish women's health possibilities."

Ryan Outlines Appropriations Strategy

In pursuing a departure from "business as usual," Speaker Paul D. Ryan is crowdsourcing his members for ideas on how craft a spending deal for the remainder of fiscal 2016.

"So things are gonna be done a little differently around here," Ryan said Thursday, at his first solo news conference.

 House Establishes Select Committee on Abortion