Reid Warns GOP on Holding to Budget Agreement

Minority Leader Harry Reid said at his weekly press conference Tuesday that Senate Democrats would cooperate on the appropriations process if Republicans stick to the budget deal numbers and avoid riders.

Pelosi Won’t Guarantee Democrat Votes on Omnibus

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will vote for the $1.1 trillion spending bill, but it’s unclear how many of her more liberal colleagues will follow her lead, a situation fluid enough that members and aides are concerned there might not be enough Democratic votes to offset Republican no votes.

Ryan: House Will Pass All 12 Spending Bills in 2016

Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Thursday he intends to have the House pass 12 appropriations bill through regular order next year. He expressed his distaste for the recent process of appropriating spending through overstuffed bills.

Democrats Warn GOP on ‘Poison Pill’ Riders

Pelosi Slams GOP Budget Proposal

With just four days left until the Dec. 11 deadline for a federal budget bill, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that Republican leadership’s spending proposal “completely erased” the bipartisan efforts at compromise on omnibus riders.

Omnibus Policy Riders Draw White House’s Ire

The White House hit congressional Republican on Wednesday for unveiling a year-end spending bill that includes policy provisions that Democrats vehemently oppose.